Technology in the Classrooms

  • Technology in the Classrooms
  • Through my Students’ Eyes
  • Cheryl Oakes
  • Oakes, C. (2011, June 29). Through my Students’ Eyes [Online]. Available:
  • Through my Students’ Eyes is an article about a child’s experiences with technology from Kindergarten through twelfth grade.  The student enjoyed learning, working on projects, and being creative when he was using various forms of technology in grades K5-8th.  Sadly; however, when Wes entered into high school, he seemed to know more about technology than his teachers.  He wanted to be creative and do projects using various forms, but his teachers discouraged him from this saying they did not have time.  The students also were using technology (cell phones, YouTube, and Facebook) behind the teacher’s back when the children were not supposed to at school.  In my opinion, if the teachers were making the class more interesting and a virtual environment for the students, then they would not be using the technology behind the teacher’s back.  The children would also be enjoying their high school experiences instead of wanting to return to lower grades where they had “more time, more projects, and tried many different kinds of learning.”
  • I found it interesting that the student could remember a different form of technology that he used and mastered in each grade.  These experiences obviously impacted his learning!  I think this is wonderful!  If only every school could come together and say first graders are going to integrate this form of technology, second grade teachers are going to integrate this form of technology, and so on.  Of course as technology grows and changes, the school would also have to be continuously changing their routines and be accommodating.  This would definitely prepare the children for the “real world” and for jobs as well. 
  • I enjoyed reading this article because it was an eye opener to me.  I am an early childhood teacher and I know that I do not incorporate technology as much as I should!  This student has shown me that learning is more fun when technology is integrated into the lesson.  It is obviously more memorable to the student as well!  I would love to expand my knowledge on technology and integrate it into my classroom more to make a better learning experience for my students.
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