Building Connections Around the World

  • Building Connections Around the World
  • Miss Night’s Marbles: I heard them say, love is the way
  • Miss Night
  • Miss Night. (2011, March 11). I heard them say, love is the way [Online]. Available:
  • This article is about a Kindergarten teacher that has incorporated technology into her classroom.  She has gotten the children excited, curious, and inspired to learn!  Miss Night has also used the lesson across the curriculum to teach reading, writing, science, social studies, and math concepts.  I love how she is using this one project to teach so many different subjects!  The children are making connections with other students, learning curriculum, and most importantly, about helping others in need.  After learning what a tsunamis is and its effects, the children became genuinely concerned for their friend around the world.  The children wanted to help in any way they could!  Their statements humbled Miss Night and she took as much away from this project as her students.
  • This concept of using twitter and a virtual exchange with the help of technology is very interesting to me.  I have never heard of something like this before and I love the idea!  I would love to find out more details of the virtual exchange project and conduct it with my Kindergarten class this year!
  • I was amazed at this project on so many levels!  I love that she was using technology, I love that she was using one project and incorporating so many subjects and concepts into it, and I love that the children were so involved on a daily basis!  I also liked that the teacher was learning alongside of the children.  This seems like a well-organized and thought out project.  I also think that it broadens the children’s thinking and allows for a lot of open-ended questioning.  It could also spark some interest in other areas for the child.  Very good higher level thinking project! 
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