Mistakes are a Learning Tool!

  • Mistakes are a Learning Tool!
  • Hey – I’m not messing up – I’m learning!
  • Vicki A. Davis
  • Davis, V. (2011, January 26). Hey – I’m not messing up – I’m learning! [Online]. Available: http://coolcatteacher.blogspot.com/2011/01/hey-im-not-messing-up-imlearning.htmlhttp://coolcatteacher.blogspot.com/2011/01/hey-im-not-messing-up-im-learning.html
  • Hey – I’m not messing up – I’m learning! is an article that was written to inspire teachers.  The author starts the piece with inspiring words about how we can all learn from our mistakes.  She backs this up with evidence such as vulcanized rubber, Post-it notes, and penicillin, which were all created by making mistakes.  Then the article goes on to motivate teachers to be aware of how we act in the classroom, our arena.  She reminds us that we are “noble and admirable”.  However, we need to act like it at all times.  Lastly, I loved one of her ending quotes . . . “We can’t do everything but we can do something.”
  • I found a few of her quotes very interesting and inspiring.  One of my favorites was . . . “It is a mistake not to tolerate mistakes, Just don’t tolerate NOT LEARNING from mistakes.”  I would love to hang this in my classroom as a reminder to myself and others.  I also found the evidence that she came up with to back up her theory (of not all inventions are mistakes) very interesting.
  • I enjoyed reading this article.  Although I feel as though I am pretty strong in this area, it is always refreshing to hear reminders of what we should be doing as teachers.  I am an early childhood educator, and we are always teaching the little ones that it is ok to make a mistake and to try again.  I think it is much harder as adults to accept this concept than children.  I also believe that I am noble and admirable (have gracious, goodness, and decency).  I teach in a private Christian school and we are consistently making sure that we are being good role models for the children as God would want them to be.  Whether you are teaching in a private Christian school or in public school, I believe the teacher should always be portraying a positive role model for her students.
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