Take a Risk and Teach Technology to Your Students

  • Take a Risk and Teach Technology to Your Students
  • Teaching In The 21st Century
  • Created by Kevin Roberts
  • Roberts, K. Teaching In The 21st Century [Online]. Available: http://www.youtube.com/watchv=OTIBDR4Dn2g&feature=iv&annotation_id=annotation_992282
  • Teachers can only provide so much to students (i.e. facts, dates, information, etc.); however, students can find information anywhere and at any time using technology.  Since technology is so powerful and useful to the students now a days, the teachers need to be the ones to teach the students how to use it, responsibility, reliability, and integrity with technology.  Students need to be creative and digital tools allow them to do this a wide variety of ways.  The work that the teacher assigns needs to be relevant, challenging, and engaging to the student.  These tools are not for entertainment, but for engagement!  Teachers need to take a risk and start somewhere!
  • I found the quote in this video interesting that stated how teachers are not the source of information now, but merely the filter.  It is amazing how much we as adults and students rely on technology in our everyday lives, even at school!
  • I enjoyed watching this video and the information that it had to offer.  It has been an eye opener to me at how young the students are that use technology and how advanced they are.  This video was also a reminder to me that I need to incorporate digital tools more into my classroom.
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