Education Should Adapt to Keep Up With Today

  • Education Should Adapt to Keep Up With Today
  • 21st Century Education in New Brunswick, Canada
  • 21stCenturyNB
  • 21stCentruyNB. (2010, March 28). 21st Century Education in New Brunswick, Canada [Online]. Available:
  • Technology has and is changing on a daily basis.  In the next ten years, many of the things that we use every day will become obsolete.  Students now a days will use a multitude of technologies to do various tasks for school and work.  Students are also so use to technology now, that we need to continue to use it in the classroom to keep the students interested and engaged with their learning.  The video ends with motivating the parents/community to get involved in helping all the schools become technology enriched.
  • There were several interesting facts in this video.  Some of them I just haven’t taken the time to realize how much our world has changed over the past several years.  It is amazing that a lot of the things we use today will be obsolete in about ten years!
  • We have become a very technology enriched society; therefore, we need to teach the skills to our students in school so they can/will succeed when they graduate.  I agree with everything in this video; however, I do not want to completely take away the pencil, paper, and books from our students, no matter what grade they are in!  I feel that technology is very important and should be taught at every grade level; however, I think that we should never completely get rid of books and some of the core essentials that are a part of the school setting.
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