Share the Power with Your Students

  • Share the Power with Your Students
  • Giving Up Control
  • J Bevacqua
  • Bevacqua, J. (2011, June 9). Giving Up Control [Online]. Available: control.html
  • This is a great article about a high school principal who is teaching a law class and decided to do an experiment with his students.  He created an assignment that was very open-ended.  He started the assignment with an initial question, “I want to know more about……”  The students could choose their topic on what they would like to write about and present to the class.  He also did not give out a rubric or told how he would grade; however, the students were so interested and involved in their own topic of choice and research, grading did not even cross their minds.  The assignment was a success.  The students came up with very fascinating and remarkable topics while using multiple resources to do his/her research.  The students were intrinsically motivated by the topics that they chose.
  • I found this very interesting.  I don’t think this is a new concept that teachers are hearing, to give up control in your classroom, but I think for a lot of teachers it is a very hard thing to do.
  • As an early childhood teacher, this would be very difficult to do, but for older grades, I think this is a wonderful concept to engage the students in and have them research about topics of interest.  It is always hard to do something like this because I think we always feel so pushed to get all the standards in for the “big test”; however, if you narrow it down a little to a specific topic such as transportation or the seven continents, then the standards in that particular grade can be covered and the students can still do a project that is open-ended.
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