Integrating Technology More into Your Classroom

  • Integrating Technology More into Your Classroom
  • Differentiated Instruction: Getting Personal with Technology
  • Grace Rubenstein
  • Rubenstein, G. (2011, August 4). Differentiated Instruction: Getting Personal with Technology [Online]. Available:
  • Over the last ten years at Forest Lake Elementary School, in Columbia, South Carolina, technology has increased into all the classrooms.  After becoming one of the NASA Explorer Schools nationwide, the school committed to instill classes with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics curriculum.  The grade-level team meets together biweekly as well as monthly for staff meetings to work on pre-testing, lesson plans, questions, etc.  The teachers try to differentiate and challenge each student at his/her individual level by using the technology (i.e. interactive whiteboards, internet-enabled computers, digital cameras, remote-response systems, and other tools) and customize each of the student’s lessons.  The children work independently most of the time; therefore, a typical classroom would have children working on several different activities at once.  Assessment is taken at various levels and using various tools.
  • This technology based school is a completely new concept to me.  I know that a lot of public schools are trying hard to integrate technology into their curriculum; however, this school is having the students do almost everything they learn using technical tools.
  • I love the idea of this school using so much technology to teach the children, and on an individual level!  We live in a society now a days that everyone needs to know how to use the technical tools; however, I do not think that every lesson should be done on a computer, interactive whiteboard, etc.  I think the children also need to learn the good old fashion reading and writing out of a book and using pencil and paper as well.  Maybe find a good medium of using technology (60%) vs. pencil and paper (40%) that will work best for the students.
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