Response to NETS-T #3

  • Standards and Performance Indicators for Teachers (NETS-T #3)
  • Model Digital-Age Work and Learning

Teachers exhibit knowledge, skills, and work processes representative of an innovative professional in a global and digital society. Teachers:

a. demonstrate fluency in technology systems and the transfer of current knowledge to new technologies and situations

b. collaborate with students, peers, parents, and community members using digital tools and resources to support student success and innovation

c. communicate relevant information and ideas effectively to students, parents, and peers using a variety of digital-age media and formats

d. model and facilitate effective use of current and emerging digital tools to locate, analyze, evaluate, and use information resources to support research and learning

  • Technology is very important in our society today.  Therefore, teachers should be well educated and up to date on current technology.  This will allow the teacher to incorporate it into his/her classroom with the students.  Using a variety of technology and various forms of resources will also allow the teacher to work together and communicate effectively with students, parents, coworkers, and the community.  In doing so, students will be supported and set up for success.  Teachers also need to demonstrate and assist students in supporting research and learning with the use of technology and resources.          
  • I believe I have many strengths in this standard.  I collaborate well with my students, peers, parents, and community members on supporting his/her success.  I think that I communicate relevant information and ideas effectively to all, and I am a model and facilitator. 
  • However, my weakness would be in doing all of these things using technology.  I do incorporate it into my classroom, but not to the extent that I should be.  I must say in my defense though, that I teach at a private school that does not have money to invest in any technology.  Therefore, my digital resources and learning tools are extremely limited!  This has definitely hindered me and has not helped me grow as a teacher!
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Building Connections Around the World

  • Building Connections Around the World
  • Miss Night’s Marbles: I heard them say, love is the way
  • Miss Night
  • Miss Night. (2011, March 11). I heard them say, love is the way [Online]. Available:
  • This article is about a Kindergarten teacher that has incorporated technology into her classroom.  She has gotten the children excited, curious, and inspired to learn!  Miss Night has also used the lesson across the curriculum to teach reading, writing, science, social studies, and math concepts.  I love how she is using this one project to teach so many different subjects!  The children are making connections with other students, learning curriculum, and most importantly, about helping others in need.  After learning what a tsunamis is and its effects, the children became genuinely concerned for their friend around the world.  The children wanted to help in any way they could!  Their statements humbled Miss Night and she took as much away from this project as her students.
  • This concept of using twitter and a virtual exchange with the help of technology is very interesting to me.  I have never heard of something like this before and I love the idea!  I would love to find out more details of the virtual exchange project and conduct it with my Kindergarten class this year!
  • I was amazed at this project on so many levels!  I love that she was using technology, I love that she was using one project and incorporating so many subjects and concepts into it, and I love that the children were so involved on a daily basis!  I also liked that the teacher was learning alongside of the children.  This seems like a well-organized and thought out project.  I also think that it broadens the children’s thinking and allows for a lot of open-ended questioning.  It could also spark some interest in other areas for the child.  Very good higher level thinking project! 
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Technology in the Classrooms

  • Technology in the Classrooms
  • Through my Students’ Eyes
  • Cheryl Oakes
  • Oakes, C. (2011, June 29). Through my Students’ Eyes [Online]. Available:
  • Through my Students’ Eyes is an article about a child’s experiences with technology from Kindergarten through twelfth grade.  The student enjoyed learning, working on projects, and being creative when he was using various forms of technology in grades K5-8th.  Sadly; however, when Wes entered into high school, he seemed to know more about technology than his teachers.  He wanted to be creative and do projects using various forms, but his teachers discouraged him from this saying they did not have time.  The students also were using technology (cell phones, YouTube, and Facebook) behind the teacher’s back when the children were not supposed to at school.  In my opinion, if the teachers were making the class more interesting and a virtual environment for the students, then they would not be using the technology behind the teacher’s back.  The children would also be enjoying their high school experiences instead of wanting to return to lower grades where they had “more time, more projects, and tried many different kinds of learning.”
  • I found it interesting that the student could remember a different form of technology that he used and mastered in each grade.  These experiences obviously impacted his learning!  I think this is wonderful!  If only every school could come together and say first graders are going to integrate this form of technology, second grade teachers are going to integrate this form of technology, and so on.  Of course as technology grows and changes, the school would also have to be continuously changing their routines and be accommodating.  This would definitely prepare the children for the “real world” and for jobs as well. 
  • I enjoyed reading this article because it was an eye opener to me.  I am an early childhood teacher and I know that I do not incorporate technology as much as I should!  This student has shown me that learning is more fun when technology is integrated into the lesson.  It is obviously more memorable to the student as well!  I would love to expand my knowledge on technology and integrate it into my classroom more to make a better learning experience for my students.
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Response to NETS-T Standard 1

  • Standards and Performance Indicators for Teachers (NETS-T #1)
  • Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity

–          Teachers use their knowledge of subject matter, teaching and learning, and technology to facilitate experiences that advance student learning, creativity, and innovation in both face-to-face and virtual environments. Teachers:

a. promote, support, and model creative and innovative thinking and inventiveness

b. engage students in exploring real-world issues and solving authentic problems using    

    digital tools and resources

c. promote student reflection using collaborative tools to reveal and clarify students’

    conceptual understanding and thinking, planning, and creative processes

d. model collaborative knowledge construction by engaging in learning with students,

    colleagues, and others in face-to-face and virtual environments

  • Teachers should be knowledgeable on various forms of technology.  This will allow the students to grow in their learning experiences, be creative, and encourage both social interaction and a technology based environment.  Teachers should have students use a variety of resources to develop, broaden, and advance his/her critical thinking skills.  Student assessment can be taken using an assortment of methods.  Teachers are not to just teach, but to share and learn in the knowledge process as well with the students, colleagues, and others in direct and virtual environments.
  • I think a strength of mine is the direct/social part of the environment.  I teach in an early childhood classroom, so the students and I are all very close and comfortable with each other.  The children and I are consistently interacting with each other individually and as a group.  Another strength of mine is promoting, supporting, and modeling creative and innovative thinking and inventiveness.  I allow my students to be creative, original, and imaginative throughout the day with their core subjects, arts/crafts, and play time.
  • My weakness in this area is creating experiences that are technology based.  I am not comfortable, creative, or knowledgeable at constructing a virtual environment for my students.  I know that children are being more engaging and interactive with technology at a younger age now a days; therefore, I need to be more knowledgeable and up to date on what is current.  I should not be scared of technology and just go for it!   
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Response to NETS-T Standard 2

  • Standards and Performance Indicators for Teachers (NETS-T #2)
  • Design and Develop Digital-Age Learning Experiences and Assessments

–          Teachers design, develop, and evaluate authentic learning experiences and assessments incorporating contemporary tools and resources to maximize content learning in context and to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes identified in the NETS•S. Teachers:

a.      design or adapt relevant learning experiences that incorporate digital tools and

resources to promote student learning and creativity

  1. b.      develop technology-enriched learning environments that enable all students to

pursue their individual curiosities and become active participants in setting their own educational goals, managing their own learning, and assessing their own progress

  1. c.       customize and personalize learning activities to address students’ diverse learning  

styles, working strategies, and abilities using digital tools and resources

  1. d.      provide students with multiple and varied formative and summative assessments  

aligned with content and technology standards and use resulting data to inform learning and teaching

  • Teachers need to consistently encourage, foster, and stimulate student learning and creativity.  This can be accomplished by using various forms of resources and creating learning experiences.  Teachers should also construct a learning environment which consists of technology that will allow students to be creative, imaginative, and ambitious about learning.  The environment should also promote the student to set his/her own goals and self-evaluate his/her own learning.  Since not all children learn in the same manner, the teacher should use a variety of teaching styles to ensure that all students’ needs are being met.  Formal and informal assessments should be used as well in numerous forms to notify and praise the student of his/her accomplishments and knowledge of the content being taught.
  • My strength is that I implement the variety of teaching styles to ensure that all my student’s needs are being met.  I make sure that I have something for each of my kinesthetic, auditory, and visual learners when discussing a concept.  I also encourage, foster, and stimulate student learning and creativity.  I believe it is important for students to express themselves, be original, and artistic.  I try to implement this in my teaching and centers as much as possible. 
  • My weakness is developing a technology-enriched learning environment.  I do use technology every now and then, but I know that I don’t use it enough, and I don’t use it to the extent that my students’ minds are being expanded.  It is a valuable resource that is at my fingertips to be utilized practically anytime of the day.   I really need to work on this one some more.
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